Upcoming Events

  • Revolution of blockchain technology in social media: what to expect?
    Wed, 30 Mar
    Blockchain and other technologies of the Web 3.0 are changing the way how brands, content creators and fans interact with one another. How blockchain technology will change social media and what is needed in order to succeed in this new environment?
  • Why SocialFi is the Next Big Thing in Crypto?
    Thu, 20 Jan
    Online Event
    SocialFi is an innovative way to monetise social interaction that allows friends to connect and learn more about the crypto space. Many influential personalities use social media to profit through sponsorships. Find out more on how Social Media on the blockchain could be the key to this mission.
  • NFTs are the next big thing in Hollywood.
    Tue, 30 Nov
    NFTs are the next big thing in Hollywood.
    Join our webinar and find out the next phase of NFT evolution, its risks, legal implications and how NFTs are regulated across the jurisdictions.
  • Facebook wants us to LIVE in Metaverse, what is Metaverse and how will you benefit from it?
    Fri, 29 Oct
    Online Event
    The covid-19 pandemic has sparked huge interest in shared virtual environments, or the "metaverse". Learn more about the Metaverse and how you can seize the opportunity right now.
  • How to (Create) Mint your own NFT Hand Holding session.
    Fri, 22 Oct
    Online Event
    Here's what you'll learn: • Learn how to make (mint), buy and sell NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) • Gain a clear understanding of NFTs (Floor Price , Rarity , Upcoming NFT ) • How to use OpenSea • What is NFT marketplace • Set up A Crypto Wallet (MetaMask).
  • WED WEB CHAT — The Crypto World
    Wed, 06 Oct
    Online Event
    Get an exclusive take from blockchain and crypto experts, Malcolm Tan and Daniel Daboczy, as they share insights on where the industry is headed and what are the trends that will shape its direction.
  • To The $Sun
    Fri, 24 Sept
    Online Event
    To the $Sun: The only investor event that you must attend for this year. This event aims to bring together investors from different parts of the world to be part of the leading and innovative crypto projects and be the first one to know the latest trend in the industry.