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Gravitas International Associates have a dedicated team of experienced consultants, all with relevant experience and expertise in blockchain consulting to kick start your projects. We help companies build a secure blockchain-based enterprise solution, applying the most advanced and efficient distributed ledger technologies available. 

With an accumulated relevant experience in blockchain software development, delivering blockchain solutions for financial technology, banking, gaming, supply chain, and many other industries.


Our dedicated blockchain software engineers make use of cutting edge Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). Our extensive technological expertise includes blockchain-related programming and development for your business.

Grow your investors’ network

Our partnerships with key investors and our established business contacts, cryptocurrency traders, will help you achieve your business goals and a successful  ICO.

Get funding for your business with ICO, IEO, STO & IDO.

ICO is an effective way to raise capital for your business, we provide maximize fundraising throughout the course of your ICO launch and developing your business

ICO, IEO, STO & IDO Due Diligence

Gravitas International provides due diligence for your business readiness includes financial, operational, marketing, technical, compliance (KYC/AML check), and legal perspectives prior to commencement of ICO/ITO

ICO, IEO, STO & IDO Consulting

Our team provides analysis and improvements recommendations for the existing business model, market focus, product positioning, management team, fundraising strategy, ICO road map, and many more.

Writing an ICO White Paper and other crucial documents

Our service includes preparation and documentation works of technical white papers, business development plans, and strategic marketing campaigns. ICO Documentation will cover all business elements, objectives, and deliverables during the ICO.

Let our industry experts at Gravitas International execute a structured ICO, IEO, STO or IDO marketing strategy for you. Our dedicated marketing experts provide detailed long-term growth marketing campaigns and proven marketing tools to deliver the highest ROI.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

What Is an ICO?

A cryptocurrency and blockchain initial coin offering (ICO) is a form of capital-raising operation. Also called Initial Token Offering (ITO), they may be thought of as a cryptocurrency-based initial public offering (IPO). However, it is not the most accurate comparison because the two fundraising efforts differ significantly. An ICO is typically used by startups to raise cash.


The primary benefit of ICOs is that they eliminate intermediaries from the capital-raising process and establish direct links between the firm and investors. Furthermore, both sides' interests are linked.

How to Launch Your ICO

An initial coin offering is a complex process that necessitates extensive knowledge of technology, finance, and the law. The main idea behind ICOs is to use the decentralized systems of blockchain technology to raise capital in ways that align the interests of various stakeholders. The following are the steps in an ICO:


1. Identifying investment objectives

Every ICO begins with the company's desire to generate cash. The company determines the target audience for its fundraising campaign and develops materials about the company or project for potential investors.


2. Token production

Token generation is the next phase in the initial coin offering process. Tokens are essentially blockchain representations of an asset or utility. The tokens are tradable and fungible. They are not to be confused with cryptocurrencies because tokens are just adaptations of current cryptocurrencies. Tokens, unlike stocks, do not often give an equity share in a firm. Instead, the majority of the tokens provide their owners with a share in a company-created product or service.


Tokens are generated on specific blockchain systems. Token generation is a very easy procedure because a firm is not necessary to develop code from scratch, as is the case with the creation of new currencies. Instead, current blockchain systems that operate existing cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, allow the tokens to be created with modest code changes.


3. Public relations campaign

Typically, a firm will launch a promotion campaign to attract new investors at the same time. It should be noted that campaigns are typically carried out online in order to reach the greatest number of investors. However, some big internet platforms, like Facebook and Google, presently prohibit the advertising of ICOs.


4. Initial public offering

Following the production of the tokens, they are made available to investors. The offering might be divided over multiple rounds. The firm may then utilize the ICO proceeds to create a new product or service, while investors can anticipate to use the purchased tokens to profit from this product/service or wait for the tokens' value to appreciate.


Regulations for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

The initial coin offering (ICO) is a brand-new phenomena in the worlds of finance and technology. In recent years, the emergence of ICOs has had a tremendous influence on capital-raising procedures. However, global regulatory agencies were unprepared for the arrival of the new fundraising model in finance.


Different nations take different approaches to regulating initial coin offerings. ICOs are prohibited by the governments of China and South Korea, for example. Many European nations, as well as the United States and Canada, are developing particular rules to control the operation of ICOs. 

Initial Exhange Offering (IEO)

What is an IEO?

An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), as the name implies, includes the use of a cryptocurrency exchange to generate cash for a new business. It is normal for assets to be traded on these platforms, although this usually occurs after the developers have gathered funds to begin their projects.


Potential investors can purchase these assets before they are accessible on the market via an IEO. Registered individuals who supplied their KYC information will be able to acquire tokens before they begin trading on the general market, thanks to the exchange supporting the token sale.


Because an IEO is enabled by an exchange, companies that choose this path must be serious about their plans. In most situations, the participating exchange thoroughly reviews the IEO proposal. In some respects, the exchanges put their reputation at risk with each IEO they issue.


How to Launch Your IEO

Several conditions must be satisfied by the project team. It is critical to have a solid business model, experienced team members, a plausible use case for the technology, and to provide a whitepaper. Organizing an IEO is equivalent to saying that they are dedicated to the project's long-term success.


  1. Drafting a solid business model

  2. Crafting a whitepaper

  3. Establishing a hard or soft cap
    The project team must decide if their Initial Exchange Offering will have a hard or soft cap. A hard cap guarantees that no more money may be invested than a specific amount. A soft cap establishes an initial objective to be met while allowing for more contributions to flow in later.

  4. Choosing an exchange platform
    Following these selections, it is time to select an exchange platform for the IEO. Binance Launchpad, BitTorrent (BTT), Band Protocol (BAND), Axie Infinity (AXS), Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA), and WazirX are a few examples (WRX). Other exchanges have also established their own IEO systems, each with its own set of advantages, restrictions, and possible disadvantages.

Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

An IDO is a form of crowdfunding initiative in which an issuer distributes IDO coins over a decentralized liquidity network. A decentralized liquidity exchange is a type of cryptocurrency asset exchange that allows traders to swap tokens by utilizing liquidity pools. Stable currencies and crypto-assets make up liquidity pools. A liquidity pair is, for example, USDT/ETH. Traders can move between different crypto assets and stable currencies based on market conditions.

Stablecoins have low volatility, allowing traders to regulate the high volatility of crypto tokens and assets by trading them safely. As a result, decentralized liquidity exchanges enable firms to create a token and obtain immediate access to money.

Decentralized liquidity exchange systems like as Uniswap, KingSwap, and Binance make it possible to issue an IDO currency. Binance DEX hosted the first-ever IDO. A funding method makes trading procedures available to traders who are not subject to any centralized authority.

How to Get Your First Dex Offering Off the Ground


  1. Create an Approach Plan and improve your token offering on DEX by developing your product with a user-beneficial strategic strategy.

  2. Create your White Paper.
    Explain your concept to investors to convince them to fund your venture.

  3. Execute your IDO
    Launch your IDO coin right immediately to begin raising funds.

  4. Increase the monetary worth of your token.
    Increase the market value of your token by providing utility services to those who wish to use it.

  5. Create and distribute Governance Tokens
    Issue governance tokens to reward users who can contribute to and enhance your platform.

Security Token Offering (STO)

What is an STO? 

In contrast to an ICO, a security token reflects an investment contract in an underlying investment instrument, such as stocks, bonds, funds, or real estate investment trusts (REIT).

A security is described as a “fungible, negotiable financial instrument with monetary value,” i.e., an investment product backed by a real-world asset such as a corporation or property.

As a result, a security token reflects the ownership information of an investment product that has been recorded on a blockchain. When you buy traditional stocks, for example, ownership information is written down on paper and provided as a digital certificate (e.g. a PDF). It is the same procedure for STOs, but it is recorded on a blockchain and issued as a token.

Because STOs overlap with both of these types of investment fundraising, they may be viewed as a hybrid strategy between bitcoin ICOs and the more traditional initial public offering (IPO).

Security Token Types
  1. Equity Tokens: a form of security token that represents ownership of a tangible asset such as business shares or debt.

  2. Debt Tokens: Steem is an example of a debt token, which is necessary to acquire Steem Dollars. It is comparable to a short-term loan with an interest rate on the amount loaned to a firm.

  3. Utility Tokens: These tokens allow consumers to get later access to a product or service. Companies can use utility tokens to obtain funding for the development of blockchain initiatives.

  4. Asset-backed Tokens: a token created on the blockchain platform that is linked to a tangible or intangible object of value.

How to Launch an STO?

The process of launching a Security Token Offering (STO) is similar to that of an ICO. You must make specific preparations, implement smart contracts for several rounds of sales, and create a product.

  1. Preparation & Ideation
    Before you undertake a Security Token Offering, you must first come up with an idea that will entice additional investors.

  2. Survey legal regulations
    Because a security token must adhere to specific rules, ensure that you engage with a team of legal advisers that can assist you with the regulatory needs in various countries.

  3. Choosing the best Security Token Platform

  4. Craft a Whitepaper

  5. Create a marketing website

How to Launch your IDO (placeholder)

IDO Project Development
Gravitas International helps you develop IDO (Initial Dex Offering) platforms to raise funds for projects and offers blockchain and cryptocurrency projects to the public. We provide extensive and detailed whitepaper resources to launch your new crypto business idea. Our team of experienced professionals provide strategic project development plan, market your offerings to the public, developed a customised blockchain solution and offer a personalised crypto tokens for your business and to the public.



  1. Ideation
    Define and Innovate your business offerings to market.

  2. Whitepaper
    Document your business idea and vision for investors.

  3. IDO Token Launch
    Raising funds for your business

  4. Utility Tokens
    Increase your token value by providing utilities to use your token

  5. Governance Tokens
    Identify management tokens to help users connect to the platform

  6. Service Offerings
    Increase your token worth with blockchain capabilities

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