Should I launch an ICO, STO, IEO or IDO?

The difference between ICO, STO, IEO and IDO.

The acronyms ICO, STO, and IEO (also known as Initial Dex Offering) are among of the most commonly used in the crypto industry, and they are all connected to fundraising on the Blockchain platform. The terms ICO, STO, IDO and IEO refer to several methods of raising funds through cryptocurrency exchanges, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.


Fundraising allows new firms and ambitious developers in the Blockchain and crypto sector to put their creative ideas into reality. ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) were established in 2013, and the crypto world watched how this approach climbed to such heights only to lose popularity when STOs (Security Token Offerings) were released. However, STOs suffered the same fate when another technique known as IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings) entered the market. This year, the arrival of IDOs (Initial Dex Offerings) will cause a seismic upheaval once more.

The lifecycle of ICO to IDO

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A quick glance at ICO, IEO and IDO

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